Rosco LitePad HO+ LED (Daylight) 3″ x 6″ (2-Light Kit)

This LitePad HO90 Daylight-Balanced LED Softlight from Rosco is a versatile 3 x 6″ light system. The HO refers to high output, as this is noticeably brighter than the original LitePad, and 90 refers to the 90+ CRI rating. The HO90 features a color temperature of 5300K, and it has a soft glow without the multiple shadows common when using LED array lights. The unit stays cool to the touch, with only the edge becoming slightly warm.

The fixture is less than 0.4″ thick and is built using an edge-lit piece of acrylic. The LEDs arranged around the edge illuminate channels that diffuse the light to produce soft light that is easy on your talent’s eyes and is suitable for key or fill based on the size of your LitePad. You can adjust the brightness using optional dimmers. The power connector is incorporated and not hard wired as with the original.

The edge-lit design of the LitePad produces an extremely soft glow, which was pioneered by Rosco for use in the film industry. The 3 x 6″ LitePad HO90 is useful as a fill light and can be hidden inside a car to provide illumination where traditional lights won’t fit. LitePad’s new interior connector eliminates the previous hardwire system, which had the potential to be pulled out during use and damage the fixture. Based on user feedback, this feature was introduced to make the LitePad more rugged and easier to use.

LitePads are a fully dimmable LED product. The proprietary Single Fader Dimmer and 2 CH / DMX Dimmer can smoothly dim any standard size LitePad with no color temperature change. With LitePad’s dimmers, you are able to set the exact light intensity you need.

Technical Specs:

CRI: 93
Color Temperature: 5300K
Cooling System: None
Dimming: Yes, Requires Hardware
AC Input Power: 120 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power: 12 VDC
Power Consumption: 6 W
Materials: Acrylic (Housing)
Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 0.4″ / 15.2 x 7.6 x 0.9 cm (Fixture)
Weight: 0.3 lb / 0.14 kg

Kit Info:

  • Rosco LitePad HO+ LED (Daylight) 3″ x 6″ Head
  • Rosco LitePad “Y” Splitter
  • Rosco LitePad AC 1A Power Adaptor
  • Rosco LitePad Anton Bauer Adapter (P-Tap)
  • Rosco LitePad DC Car Adapter (Cigarette Adapter)
  • Rosco LitePad Dimmer
  • Rosco LitePad Extension Cable (10′)
  • Rosco Litepad 8pc Color filter pack 3×6
  • 750 / Baby Pin to 1/4″-20 Threaded Receiver (Female)
  • Rosco LitePad 3×6 Mounting Bracket
  • Rosco LitePad 3×6 Kit Carrying Case
  • IEC Power Cable

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