Quasar Science Rainbow RGBX 2' Kit

Quasar Science’s new Q-LED Rainbow 2′ offers vibrant, saturated color as well as powerful white light from 2000° to 6000° Kelvin. All Rainbow Lamps are equipped with an onboard digital interface allowing the adjustment of Intensity, Kelvin, Hue, and Saturation. Each lamp has a built-in Lumen Radio CRMX chip for wireless control, as well as wired DMX via Cat 5 I/O Port. The lamp is Self Ballasted AC input using a Neutrik True1 locking connector and also has a locking Barrel connector for DC input.

These lamps can be stacked in a column to create large LED panels of any size or end-to-end for a linear lighting source. They can be arranged in geometric patterns, 3D structures, or even to spell out words. Through their built-in wireless control, these lamps have a built-in Lead / Follow mode, allowing for a single lamp set to ‘Lead’ to act as a remote to control the other lamps in your setup when set to ‘Follow’ using the built-in control panel.

Technical Specs:

AC Power Input Connection: Self Ballasted AC range 100VAC-265VAC via Neutrik True1
DC Power Input Connection: DC range 10VDC-26VDC via 5.5×2.1mm Locking Barrel connect
Wattage: 25 watt
Compatible Dimmers: ETC Sensor, Innovative Dimmers, ID: Rat Pac, Lutron CL
– Note: Some dimmers will require a Ghost Load, such as a 15w incandescent bulb attached to the line to burn off any voltage leak from the dimmers.
Length: 2’
Color Rendition: CRI 95+, TLCI 97+
On-board Control: OLED screen with a digital interface
Wired: DMX through Cat 5/6 Connection
Wireless Modes: DMX through Lumen Radio CRMX Wireless, Native Lead/Follow for multiple tubes

Kit Info:

  • Quasar Science 2′ RGBX Rainbow Linear LED
  • Neutrik to Edison Power Cable

We offer kits of 1x, 2x, 4x, and 6x Rainbow 2′ tubes.

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