K5600 Kurve 6 Focus Tube for Joker (800 & 1600)

The Kurve 6 parabolic reflector is the smallest in a line of large reflectors that can transform your Joker into an even, focusable light with the unique highlighting and wrapping abilities of other comparable lights. The Kurve is an easy-to-open multi-cam system that only requires a push and a turn to lock. The H/T Focus Tube is specifically designed to work as a giant pin extender for any Joker 800 or 1600 on the market. This kit also comes with a hollow Alternate Focus Tube to mount whatever fixture you’d like on its baby pin and run its cable through the interior. Each of the differently sized models allows for the Kurve’s unique light quality to provide a distinct light over a large area with excellent shadows absent of any aberrations.

Kit Info:

  • K5600 Kurve 6 Parabolic Reflector
  • K5600 Kurve Reflector Protection Plug
  • K5600 Kurve 6 Focus Tube for Joker (800 &1600)
  • K5600 Kurve 6 Focus Tube with Baby Pin
  • K5600 Kurve Yoke Mount Stand Adapter
  • K5600 Kurve Pyrex Protection Shield
  • K5600 Kurve Counter Light Reflector
  • K5600 Kurve 6 #1 Diffusion
  • K5600 Kurve 6 #2 Diffusion
  • K5600 Kurve 6 #3 Diffusion
  • K5600 Kurve 6 40° Egg Crate
  • K5600 Kurve 6 Carrying Case

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