Carpetlight CL42 Premium Kit (4x2)

The CL42 is a perfect match for your needs when it comes to size and handling.

Carpetlight provides customized flexible lamps in any size and any combination of LEDs destined for highly professional results by brightness and color rendering indices that have never been achieved before. It is the first lighting system defining a new category covering all requirements of professional lighting. All Carpetlight products feature an extremely low thickness of less than 10 mm and a surface weight as low as 1.000 grams per square meter. The lightweight design not only comes in handy when it has to be carried – the new arrangement and hanging possibilities will make solving nightmare lighting scenarios your new favorite thing.

Technical Specs:

CRI: 96
Lumens: 12200
Color Temperature: 2800°-5600° K
LEDs: 896 diodes
Spread: 120° (40° with SNAPGRID)
Wattage: 169W
Fixture Dimensions: 1220 x 630 cm
Dimensions of Illumination: 1120 x 550 cm
Weight: 850g

Kit Info:

  • 4×2 CL42 Carpetlight Fixture
  • CL40 Series Controller
  • 220 Watt Power Adapter
  • CL40 Header Cable
  • IEC Power Cable C-13
  • V-Mount Battery Sandwich Plate
  • (4x) CL42 Frame Rod
  • CL42 Frame Center
  • Baby Pin for Frame
  • (4x) CL44/42 Diffusion Support
  • CL42 Full Diffusion
  • CL42 Light Diffusion
  • CL42 Teaser Skirt
  • CL42 40° SnapGrid Egg Crate
  • Threaded Antenna
  • CL42 Diffusion Pouch
  • CL42 Fixture Soft Case
  • CL42 Hard Case

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