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In relation to the K35 lenses, the Canon FD lenses offer similar vintage charm and optical quality. While both series originated from Canon, the FD lenses were designed for the FD mount SLR cameras, while the K35 lenses were specifically engineered for cinema use. The FD lenses are known for their sharpness, clarity, and vibrant colors, much like the K35 lenses. However, the K35 lenses may have a slightly different character, with specific optical characteristics that contribute to their unique cinematic look, including warm color rendition, gentle contrast, and distinctive flare patterns.

While FD lenses may not perfectly match the vintage aesthetic of K35 lenses, they can still complement each other well, especially when used creatively. For example, mixing and matching lenses from both series can add visual variety to a project, allowing filmmakers to achieve different looks and textures for different scenes or shots.

Likewise, the Canon FD lenses, Minolta 35mm lenses, and Yashica FD-X 45mm lenses can visually and optically pair well together, especially when used creatively. While each lens series has its distinct characteristics, they share some similarities in optical quality and vintage aesthetic, making them suitable for pairing in cinematic or photographic applications. Canon FD lenses are known for their sharpness, clarity, and vibrant colors, making them versatile tools for capturing detailed and vibrant imagery. Minolta MD lenses are also esteemed for their excellent optical performance, including sharpness and color rendition, while Yashica ML lenses are known for their pleasing rendering and distinctive character.

When paired together, Canon FD lenses with Minolta MD lenses and Yashica ML lenses can offer complementary visual qualities.

Please click here for the Canon K35 lens series.

Focal LengthSpeedClose FocusWeight (lbs)LengthFront DiameterImage CircleCoverageMount(s)
FD SSC 20mmT2.9-2210"2.24.5"110mm43mmFFPL
FD L 24mmT1.5-2212"2.65"110mm43mmFFPL
FD SSC 28mmT2.1-2212"2.65.5"110mm43mmFFPL
Minolta 35mm*T1.5-2212"3.25.5"110mm43mmFFPL
Yashica FD-X 45mm*T1.5-2213"2.25" 110mm43mmFFPL
FD L 50T1.3-2218"2.85.5"110mm43mmFFPL
FD L 85mmT1.5-222'9"3.45.5"110mm43mmFFPL
FD SSC ASP 85mmT1.3-222'9"3.45.5"110mm43mmFFPL
*Note that the Minolta and Yashica FD-X, while not native Canon lenses, match well with the FD lenses to properly round out the set. These lenses have also been rehoused by TLS.

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