Canon FD I TLS

Please click here for the Canon K35 lens series, which pair well with the FD series.

Focal LengthSpeedClose FocusWeight (lbs)LengthFront DiameterImage CircleCoverage
FD SSC 20mmT2.9-2210"2.24.5"110mm43mmFF
FD L 24mmT1.5-2212"2.65"110mm43mmFF
FD SSC 28mmT2.1-2212"2.65.5"110mm43mmFF
Minolta 35mm*T1.5-2212"3.25.5"110mm43mmFF
Yashica FD-X 45mm*T1.5-2213"2.25" 110mm43mmFF
FD L 50T1.3-2218"2.85.5"110mm43mmFF
FD L 85mmT1.5-222'9"3.45.5"110mm43mmFF
FD SSC ASP 85mmT1.3-222'9"3.45.5"110mm43mmFF
*Note that the Minolta and Yashica FD-X, while not native Canon lenses, match well with the FD lenses to properly round out the set. This lens has also been rehoused by TLS.

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