Briese Focus 140 1.2K HMI Kit

The Focus 140 provides a detailed and crisp light that can sift out details, animate surfaces, or accentuate wrinkles in weathered faces. Good for atmospheric close-ups but also good for shots from medium distances. The Focus 140 provides a great range of lighting between “Spot” and “Flood”: hard, soft, and everything that’s in between. Good for portraits but also for group shots and whenever space is of no relevance. His Inventor H.W. Briese, says of this reflector: “If you have it, you’ll never lose.” The Focus 140 is often described as an all-around reflector. With a manageable size of 140cm and its vast range of lighting, it represents genuine flexibility.

The patented Briese Focus system features a light source situated on a movable axis in the center of the reflector. The lamp head, focusing tube (spacer), and light source form a straight line. By focusing the unit, the beam angle and the spread of light can be changed sequentially. When the lamp head is extended (spot position), there is a narrower beam angle with a highly intense, strongly defined illumination. If the lamp head is retracted (flood position), there is a wider beam angle which creates diffuse, very evenly spread illumination. There is an infinite range of adjustability between these two positions, whereby the luminance remains consistent, achieving a light efficiency far beyond that reached by conventional lighting engineering.

Kit Info:

  • Briese Focus 140 Reflector Umbrella
  • Briese Focus Stand Mount with Comfort Lever
  • Briese Focus Set-Up Helper Plunger
  • Briese Set Up Ring
  • Briese Break Down Ring
  • Briese Focus 140 Diffusion #3
  • Briese Focus 140 Diffusion St.
  • Briese Focus 140 Travel Box
  • Briese T4 Daylight HMI Lamp Head 1.2K
  • Briese Focus 140 HMI Spacer 1.2K
  • Briese Pyrex Shell HMI 1.2K
  • 2 x 1200W HMI Special Bulb
  • Briese 1.2K Counterlight Reflector
  • Briese 300 Hz Electronic Ballast (1000 Hz High-Speed Ballast available upon request)
  • Briese 60A Bates to Edison Adapter
  • Briese Compact Roller Case

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