Atlas Orion Anamorphic Prime

*Covers full-frame (FF), large format (LF) or Vistavision with the 1.6x LF Extender
Please click here for more information on the 1.6x LF Extender.
Focal LengthSpeedClose FocusWeight (lbs)LengthFront DiameterSqueeze FactorImage CircleCoverage
25mmT2-161'6"6.27.4"136mm2x31mmS35, FF*
32mmT2-161'9"4.76.7”114mm2x31mmS35, FF*
40mmT2-162′5.27.4”114mm2x31mmS35, FF*
50mmT2-162'6"57”114mm2x31mmS35, FF*
65mmT2-162'9"57.2”114mm2x31mmS35, FF*
80mmT2-163'68.5”114mm2x31mmS35, FF*
100mmT2-163'6"6.710”114mm2x31mmS35, FF*

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