Arri Orbiter Open Face Kit

Launch a wide spectrum of brightness and color into your studio with the blue/silver-finished ARRI Orbiter LED Light without Yoke, Lens, and Cable, a tunable color light system with a powerful color engine and versatile, changeable optics. Sporting a processor four times faster than the SkyPanel, ARRI’s 190-LED Spectra system features a wide range of color features allowing you to create an enormous range of colors with its six-color light engine, including red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime LEDs. Featuring a high CRI of 98 and a TLCI of 95, it offers a 2000 to 20,000K color temperature range to match just about any lighting situation, and it also features 100 – 0% dimming with smooth, continuous adjustment. The light also features multiple sensors, including a smart color sensor mode to sense the surrounding light and adjust its output for fine color accuracy, a 3-axis accelerometer that senses pan, tilt, and roll movements, an ambient light sensor to keep your display readable, heat sensors to keep the light cool, and even a magnetometer to orient your light within its geography.

The Orbiter features a highly portable design that can change its optics with a breeze using ARRI’s Quick Lighting Mount (QLM), a bayonet-style connection similar to a camera lens mount. Available optics include 15°, 30°, and 60° open-face optics that produce a directional beam; 15°, 25°, and 35° projection optics that produce a sharp, focused beam with evenly distributed color; and small, medium, and large domes that provide a large area of soft light. The light can also be used with separately available light banks, barndoors, honeycombs, and other light-shaping accessories with the appropriate adapter.

Using ARRI’s Lighting Operating System (LiOS), you can control all color modes, effects, and lighting grids right from the built-in control panel. LiOS features eight color modes such as CCT, HSO, RGBACL, Gel select, X/Y coordinates, source matching, effects, and a custom mode that allows you to save over 240 favorites which can be applied to a DMX or interface. It also has three operational modes—high color rendering, high output, and low noise—for your preferred mode performance. Interfaces include 5-pin DMX in and out, two LAN ports, two USB Type-A ports, a USB Type-C port, and an SD slot for future upgrades. It also features a sync input for future applications that will sync with your camera.

The light is weatherproof and can resist dust and water splashes. Its redesigned mounting points secure an optional yoke for positioning with a +/-90° tilt, and the yoke features a standard 1 1/8″ Junior pin mounting point.

Technical Specs:

Color Temperature: 2000 to 20,000K
Color Modes: Full RGB Tuning
Dimming: Yes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)
Display: LCD
Housing Material: Aluminum
Number of LEDs: 190 (RGB)
Reflector Mount: ARRI QLM
Remote Control Type: DMX, Wired Remote
AC Input Power: 100 to 260 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Source: AC Adapter, External Battery
Max Power Consumption: 500 W
Power Pass-Thru: Yes

Kit Info:

  • Arri Orbiter Fixture.
  • Arri Orbiter Power Cable (edison/powercon w/ switch)
  • Arri Orbiter Control Panel w/ Pouch.
  • Arri Orbiter Control Panel Extension Cable.
  • Arri Orbiter Fixture Case.
  • Arri Orbiter 15º Open Face Optic.
  • Arri Orbiter 30º Open Face Optic.
  • Arri Orbiter 60º Open Face Optic.
  • Arri Orbiter 4leaf Barndoor 6.6″
  • Arri Orbiter 4leaf Barndoor 9.7″
  • Arri Orbiter Optic Carry Case.
  • Arri Orbiter Removable Yoke.
  • Arri Orbiter Lighting Element Cover.

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