Altman PARs

Par cans (parabolic aluminized reflector lamps) are simple and lightweight, with no moving parts, essentially a PAR lamp mounted on the back of a can-like cylinder, which extends to form a snoot and ends in a gel frame slot. They are designed so that light is projected from the reflector in parallel rays which then pass through a spreader lens: very narrow spot, narrow spot, medium flood, or wide flood. This optical design enables a very punchy, bright beam with more light output per watt than any other incandescent light. A single 1k PAR with a very narrow spot lens is as bright as a 10k Fresnel, but with a much smaller beam size.

They can pound light onto a performer or produce strong shafts of light in the atmosphere. The wider-beam pars can fill a stage with a wash of color and the narrow pars are often used in film and TV work to splash a bright streak of sunlight across a part of the set or bounce light off the floor. PAR lamps are available in a variety of sizes, the 8-in diameter PAR 64 lamps being one of the most common.

PAR16 “Birdie”

The PAR 16, or “Birdie”, is an attractive lightweight luminaire designed to produce narrow to wide beam spreads up to 15′ away. The low voltage Parcan is ideal for small stage settings, bar, retail, and exhibition use.

Kit Info:

  • Black Steel Fixture
  • Choice of Narrow Spot (NSP), Medium Flood (MFL), or Wide Flood (WFL) 75W MR16 bulbs.
  • Gel Frame
  • 75W Spare MR16 Bulb


The 8-inch diameter PAR 64 is one of the most commonly used Par Can lights used in the film and TV industry. It is a punchy, versatile lighting option designed for diverse applications, such as in concerts, nightclubs, television and film set ups, and illuminating architecture.

Kit Info:

  • Black Steel Fixture w/ TVMP (and/or optional Yoke Pipe Clamp upon request)
  • Choice of Very Narrow Spot (VNSP), Narrow Spot (NSP), Medium Flood (MFL), or Wide Flood (WFL) PAR 64 1,000W bulbs. 500W MFL bulbs also available.
  • Gel Frame
  • 1kW Spare PAR 64 Bulb

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