Red Dragon

New Camera: RED Epic-M Dragon!

We are very excited to have just received our first RED Epic-M with its new “Dragon” sensor. The newly released and much talked about sensor delivers on its promises with bold new features: 6K resolution, 16.5 stops of dynamic range and RED’s new color science. The redesigned brain in carbon-fiber and its accompanying magnesium PL […]

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cooke anamorphic test

New “Look” Cooke Anamorphic – New York Test

Earlier this month, Hand Held Films hosted the New York leg of a test for the new Cooke Anamorphic lenses. We were extremely happy to collaborate with Jon Fauer on his upcoming article in the Film and Digital Times on the new Anamoprhic Cooke lenses. The idea of the short film “Look” born out of […]

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Construction Marc 3

Hand Held on Hand Held : Construction

Take a minute to watch the first installment of “Hand Held on Hand Held” to see how our new home is shaping up!  

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