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Please note that our lenses are not rented as a set, but as separate items. The daily price reflects the price of one lens. 

The Zeiss DigiPrime 52mm offers a great complement between the 28mm and 40mm of the regular DigiPrime lenses set. It produces the same stunning image quality with 2/3″ High Definition digital cine cameras as the rest of the set, while keeping the same fast aperture. The DigiPrime lenses were specifically built for the three 2/3″ CCDs and beam splitting prism optical system found in current digital cinematography cameras. Like the rest of the ZEISS DigiZoom family, the DigiPrime lenses have been engineered for optimum performance in low light situations with the aperture fully open.

  • The Zeiss DigiPrime 52mm is equivalent to a 135mm S35mm format lens
  • Absolutely precise back focus
  • Calibrated and easy-to-read markings
  • Perfect flare reduction
  • No breathing
  • Fixed iris and focus gears
  • Innovative nine blade iris
  • Super color matched with all ZEISS cine lenses

The regular set contains the following focal lengths: 10mm, 14mm, 28mm, 40mm. Look out for the additional available lenses, such as the 5mm7mm20mm, 52mm and 70mm to augment and complete a set!

Technical Specs

Focal Length: 52mm
T Stop: T1.6
Close Focus: 0.5 m
Length: 165 mm
Weight: 1560 gr

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