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This system includes Zacuto’s height-adjustable DSLR Baseplate, dual handgrips, shoulder pad, and 7-pound Z-Lite counterbalance weight for a fully balanced offset rig. It also comes with Zacuto’s DSLR Handle, which is great for low mode shooting and easy carrying. This camera support kit is designed to function with any DSLR camera or tripod and is compatible with any 15mm lightweight accessories.

The Zacuto Double Barrel Handheld Rig can also be reconfigured from an offset rig to an in-line rig simply by rearranging a few parts, if necessary.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

Our rental package includes:

  • DSLR Base Plate w/ 3.5" Lightweight Rods (x 4)
  • Z-Lite Double Weight
  • Shoulder Pad
  • DSLR Carrying Handle
  • Z-Grips w/ Bracket (x 2)
  • Z-Mount II w/ 4.5" Lightweight Rod
  • 15mm Mini-Mount
  • Set of 15mm Lightweight Screw-on Rods

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