Frequently Asked Questions

Wish List

What is the purpose of the Wish List? 

We implemented a Wish List on our website to help our clients build a fast list of equipment. Our goal is to offer a quick way  to have an overview of the items we carry, and what is the list price of the order you would want to put together.

You can then save the list you created for yourself, or send it to us and request a rental quote based on the list that you made. Please be aware that the wish list is not a quote in itself. Our rental agents will get in touch with you within 3 days with a proper quote. The wish list is intended to help clients know our inventory and create a fast list of items, it does not guarantee availability or pricing.

How to use the Wish List? 

As you look through our website, you can click the “star” button at the top of every item’s page to add that item to your wish list. When you are done adding products to your list, you can access it from the Wish List icon at the top right of our website. You can then delete and change the quantity of items in your list.

How do I send my Wish List? 

When you are done putting your list together, please fill out the required fields (name, dates etc). Do not forget to add any notes and press “send wish list”. One of our rental agents will contact you within 3 days in order to provide you with a specific quote.

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