This extraordinary zoom maintains a T Stop of 2.8 throughout its formidable range of 150-450, the perfect image quality expected from Vantage and can be fitted with a specialty adapter to double its length. It is a big lens (660mm, 26″) suited for extreme telefoto shots, such as stadium and crowd shots. Handheld operations are strongly discouraged.

Technical Specs

Focal Length: 150-450mm
T-Stop: 2.8 – constant throughout the entire range
Image Format: 35mm ANSI 18.6x24.9mm
Lens Mount: PL
Weight: 15.9kg/35lb
Number of Elements: 18 in 12 groups
Overall Lenght: 660mm
Front Diameter: ø 156mm
Internal Filters: ø 48mm (2 pcs.)


  • -20°C – +50°C
  • -5°F – +125°F

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Vantage Hawk 150-450 T2.8 Zoom Lens
  • Custom Dovetail Plate
  • 19mm diameter Steel Rods
  • 19mm Low Support

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