Designed in 1945-46 by famed optical designer Gordon Cook, the Series II Speed Panchro improved on the design that made Cooke the standard in Hollywood where MGM, Warner Bros., and Paramount used them almost exclusively. Following in 1954, Series III was designed to address the use of larger negative areas (CinemaScope, Vista Vision, etc.) without losing definition on the larger projection screens becoming popular during that era. The 152mm Macro Telepanchro was introduced, in 1959, as part of a set made to shoot close-ups from greater distances. This particular set was rehoused by Van Diemen Optics.

We offer the following focal lengths: 18mm T2.2 (S3), 25mm T2.2 (S3), 32mm T2.3 (S2), 40mm T2.3 (S2), 50mm T2.3 (S2), 75mm T2.3 (S2), 100mm Macro T2.8 (S2), 152mm Macro T3.2 (TP).

Please note that our lenses are not rented as a set, but as separate items.