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Yesterday was very exciting for us as we got to play with the latest version of the Cineped Slider! Charlie Kim, the mastermind behind the system came by the shop and kindly demo-ed his baby for us. With its light blue and gray intergalactic look the slider has a modern and fun touch, we were intrigued by what we dubbed the “robot” and were eager to see it in action.
The Cineped is composed of a base mounted on 4 precision wheels, 4 removable and adjustable legs, a telescopic post that can extend from 14”-22.5” and is topped by a large 3.5’ sliding plate which rotates 360°. It came in four cases and was built in about 10 minutes. We stared at the “robot” while Charlie expertly moved it around, combining dolly, tracking, arching and sliding moves with ease.
The combination of moves the operator can achieve is virtually endless as the sliding plate has a rotational capacity of 360° and 3.5 feet of sliding surface. When the 4 wheels are unlocked they permit a dolly line move on smooth surfaces. It does take a little bit of practice to master a compound movement such as a slide while panning with the fluid head or a rotation when tilting, as we quickly realized when we tried out the slider ourselves, but such is the art of operating! The system allows for a lot of creativity and we’re pretty sure our clients, as we did ourselves, will want to play with it until they feel comfortable.

We also tested the stability of the system, tried to tip it over when the camera and head were at the far edge of the slider and with the legs down on the floor but we couldn’t even get the Cineped to move.

In addition to the really fun moves, versatility and extreme stability of the system, we were impressed by the Cineped’s precision and craftsmanship.

All in all, we are really excited to get the Cineped Slider later this week and start to see how it evolves in the field.

Stay tuned as in the next few days, we’re going to post pictures and video of it.

HandHeld Team

The Low Mode Option

The Cineped Slider

Technical Data from the Cineped Official Website :
The Cineped comes in two packages: basic and full. Both packages come with a low mode option for floor action.

System Package:
*360° Rotational 3.5ft Camera Sliding Plate
*Automatic Positioning Telescopic Post
*Digital Remote Control Box
*Diamond Style Mobile Base
*24 Battery w/ Charger
*AC/DC Converter
*Low Mode Adapter
*Total Weight 123 lbs
*Camera Sliding Plate 38 lbs
*Telescopic Post 35 lbs
*Mobile Base 50 lbs
*3 Modular Design
*Simple to Pack, Carry & Transport
*Total Height w/ Camera 74.5”
*Basic 58”  |  Extend 16.5″

Movement Features:
*Arc & 360°
*Instant Camera Movement at a Certain Moment
*Compound Camera Movement

Technical Specs

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