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Arri has just released their latest update for the Alexa camera that further ensures its prowess as a major player in the digital arena, version 3.0.  That’s right, Alexa is only getting started, and this update is one for us cinephiles to get excited about.

The most noticeable upgrades to the system are function settings, particularly in three areas: playback, audio recording, and color processing. The first, playback, is now fully functional for all footage recorded via the SxS module. Arri’s clip library function allows users to scroll through their clips by name through the side screen, making choosing clips for playback effortless. Playback is functional for all record framerates, including overcranking, which makes for some lovely playback of slow motion shots.

Now on to Audio. The Alexa supports 5pin XLR stereo input which can be embedded on either the ProRes files or the external HD-SDI output footage. Conversely, audio can now be monitored through the 1/8″ stereo headphone jack on the camera.

Finally, the most significant update is in the realm of color processing. The Alexa now supports three separate Gamma output options for recording: Log C, Rec 709, and DCI P3. You can now output several color signals at once in case you want to record Log C on SxS cards, but watch your footage on a DCI compatible monitor! You can even record on both SxS card slots at once with different color processing. This function is an amazing inclusion for greater control of post production work flow.

Of course, Arri has also included other neat little functional changes that make the already easy to use camera even better. Here’s a collection of the other small changes:

EVF Smooth Mode: Tired of shuttering in your Viewfinder? Turn this function on to smooth out your EVF. (Works on up to 30fps and up to 180 degree shutter settings).

False Color: Now available through the EVF buttons, making for a quick go to when checking your exposures.

Frame Grabs: Use this to grab a still frame for storage on an SD card at any point during standby.

EI 3200: The camera’s sensitivity now supports a range from EI160 to EI3200.

Output Options: HD-SDI 3G is now supported via single link BNC for record onto an external recorder of a 4:2:2 signal at 48,50,59.94, and 60fps. 4:4:4 is still supported via dual link.

Variflag is now available for off speed recording devices.

Finally, Arri has included a function called ‘Tropical Temperature,’ a sensor adjusting option when shooting in humid areas with a potential for high condensation. This keeps the sensor at a temperature of 40 degrees celsius from its original 35 to help keep moisture from accumulating on the sensor.

All these new updates have made using the Alexa an even more enjoyable experience than before and solidifies the Alexa’s place as an industry leader.

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