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Sony VENICE 6K & Rialto

March 28th, 2019 • by Faith Johnson • in Blog

The new flagship of Sony’s CineAlta family, the Sony VENICE CineAlta 6K Digital Cinema Camera offers an interchangeable PL to E-Mount, 8-stages of integrated ND filters, 15+ stops of exposure latitude, a wide color gamut and dual native ISO. VENICE boasts a 24.7MP Full Frame CMOS sensor with a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032.

With the camera’s dual native ISO, with a Low Base of 500 and a High Base ISO of 2500, it allows for exceptional low light performance and dynamic range. The dual native ISO allows for the same performance and look in between these two settings. This new feature increases exposure indexes at higher ISOs for night exteriors, dark interiors, slower lenses, all while maintaining maximum shadow detail.

The camera also features a dual display for menu control on both sides of the camera so your camera assistant or DIT can adjust shutter angle, ISO, ND selection, white balance, and frame rate, while the main camera menu is accessible by the camera operator. Note that the camera left side display for your AC is slightly smaller yet preserves necessary functionality.


The Rialto allows the front image block from the Sony Venice to be removed and relocated to a much smaller housing, which is then tethered to the camera body using a 9ft. cable, which can be extended with another cable to a total of 18ft. This allows the Venice to be used in much tighter spaces than most cinema camera. A DP can put the Rialto on a rig or handheld while their AC holds the rest of the body.

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