The Sony SRW-1 HD Portable Digital Video Recorder and SRPC-1 HD Video Processor used together form a full-bandwidth 4:4:4 (RGB) portable VTR system that adopts the HDCAM-SR format. It offers visually lossless 1080-line high-definition recordings at multiple frame rates on HDCAM-SR tape media, and greatly enhances shooting operations in field production applications due to its stunning picture quality and portable size. The SRW-1/SRPC-1 portable VTR system can connect to a variety of cameras including the F5 and the F film-style digital cinematography cameras.

The SRPC-1 processor unit, specially designed for the SRW-1, provides a variety of video-processing functions and houses an array of input and output connectors, including HD/SD signals, 1 channel of digital audio, and 4 channels of analog audio. Its processing functions include the easy handling of pull-down insertions, down conversion, and RGB 4:4:4 to Y/Cb/Cr 4:: color-space conversion. Furthermore, with the addition of the optional HKSR-10 board, the SRW-1/SRPC-1 provides a powerful new feature called SR Motion™, which includes various distinctive recording modes such as Select FPS and Interval Frames.

Technical Specs

Supported Formats

  • HD 4:2:2, Dualstream 4:2:2
  • SQ 4:4:4, HQ 4:4:4

Supported Framerate (fps)

  • 23.976/ 24/ 25/ 29.97/ 30/ 59.94


  • 2x Dual Link HD-SDI


  • 2x Dual Link HD-SDI
  • 1x HD-SDI 4:2:2 - Monitor Output
  • 1x SD

Data Storage

  • Tape

Recording Time

  • 50 min at 24 PsF 4:2:2
  • 40 min at 1080 at 59.94i


  • DC +12V

Power Requirement

  • +12 V DC/ +5 V


  • 18.2 lb / 8.5 kg

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • HD Portable Digital Video Recorder SRW-1
  • HD Video Processor SRPC-1
  • HD-BNC cables
  • Carrying Case

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