The PMW-F55’s Sony 4K image sensor captures a true 4K 4096 x 2160 DCI-standard cinema image. Its 4K CMOS sensor features 11.6 megapixels (total) and 8.9 megapixels (effective). The “Frame Image Scan” technology used by F55 sensor eliminates flash band and image artifacts common to conventional CMOS sensors. This sensor captures with an impressive 14 stops of exposure latitude with excellent sensitivity and low noise. The F55 image sensor is also equipped with the same advanced color filter array technology used in Sony’s flagship F65, which delivers color gamut that’s wider than 35mm motion picture print film.

The F55 CineAlta camera provides the choice recording of three formats to SxS cards: MPEG-2, 50Mbps HD422 plus two 10-bit mastering formats: XAVC at HD, 2K & 4K resolution, plus SR Codec (HDCAM SR) at 440Mbps or 220Mbps. 16-bit Linear 2K/4K RAW recording to the optional AXS-R5 recorder preserves the greatest latitude for color correction and other post processes. Sony’s 16-bit recording captures 16x more tonal values than 12 bit RAW. Thus it’s the ideal acquisition format for the 16-bit linear Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) workflow.

The F55 features high frame-rate on-board XAVC HD and 4K recordings up to 60 fps, plus a free planned upgrade to XAVC, QFHD up to 60 fps in addition to XAVC 2K/HD up to180 fps. It also offers 240 fps 2K RAW with the optional AXS-R5 outboard recorder and a planned upgrade, achieving the highest frame rates most productions will need, while retaining exceptional, 16-bit image quality. The F55 is equipped with Sony’s large diameter FZ-mount which is compatible with virtually all 35mm DSLR, and Cine lenses with simple inexpensive lens adapters (available upon request). It ships with a PL-mount compatible with Cooke/i and Arri LDS.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

Our kit includes:

  • Sony PMW-F55 4K HD CineAlta Camcorder w/ Internal WiFi Module
  • Sony OLED HD Electronic Viewfinder
  • 128gSxS PRO Cards (3x)
  • Sony SxS Card Reader/Writer (USB)
  • Arri Pro Accessory Baseplate w/shoulder pad
  • Arriflex 35mm 19mm Bridge Plate BP-5 1
  • Dovetail Plate 1 abdv V-Mount to Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate
  • Anton Bauer Dionic HCX 120Wh 14.4V Battery (4x)
  • Anton Bauer TM4 Quad Charger
  • Anton Bauer P-Tap to 4 Pin XLR Power Cable (2x)
  • Soft Camera bag

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