The Slimverter 400 offers the very unique possibility to operate larger than 200 Watt loads pulling on two batteries, an economical and reliable alternative to DC electronic ballasts for the Joker 400.
For a fraction of the cost of an electronic DC ballast, the Slimverter provides our AC power supply a square wave output tuned specifically for maximum efficiency on limited energy sources such as NiCad batteries. The Slimverter 400 will operate one Joker 400 HMI system for 45 minutes on two 7 Amp/hour belt of pack. The Slimverter 400 can be piggybacked on the AC ballast with velcro.

Requires 2 x Libertypak Batteries.

Technical Specs


• Input: 28-30 Volt, 2 Amphenol 2 pin (A-/B+)
• Output: K5600 Ballast (170 Volt Square Wave 60 Hz)
for electronic ballasts only, no inductive load
(magnetic ballasts). Receptacle outlet.
• Power: 400 Watt
• Finish: Black epoxy powder coated.
• Weight: 3.0 lbs

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