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The Sachtler Studio 7+7 Fluid Head is a real rock solid head which is hightly respected in the film industry. A 150mm bowl that is well suited for Red One,  Arri Alexa, Sony F35, Sony F900 and many more.

Technical Specs

  • Pan/Tilt Drag: 7 levels
  • Tilt: +90° to -60° tilt
  • Counterbalance control: Yes
  • Load Capacity: 110 lbs (50kg)
  • Base Diameter: 150 mm half ball
  • Quick Release/Wedge Plate: Yes

Our Kit

  • Sachtler Studio II (150mm) 7+7 Fluid Head
  • Sachtler 2-Piece Pan Handle
  • Sachtler 2-Piece Panhandle Extension
  • Sachtler 150 Ball Base Tie Down
  • Large Camera Plate with (2) 3/8"-16 Screws
  • Sachtler 150mm Standard Legs
  • Sachtler Mid-level Spreader with 3 Rubber Feet

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