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The Ronford-Baker 150mm Ball Standard Legs are sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. They can be paired with any fluid head or jib with a 150mm ball mount.

The tubing is made of hefty aluminum and the mount is a stainless steel cast. The locking levers are anodized and covered by a stove-enameled black texture. All steel parts are hardened where necessary and chrome-plated. This heavy-duty construction has allowed Ronford-Baker to become one of the leading tripod manufacturers for the entertainment industry.

Included is an infinitely adjustable spreader with a strong elastic clip-down device, which is secured in seconds. It is made from high-tensile anodized aluminum and includes large-diameter locking hand-wheels to adjust the length of spread.

O’Connor brand 150mm Ball Standard Legs available on request.

Technical Specs

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Ronford-Baker 150mm Ball Standard Legs
Sliding Spreader
Nalpak Tripod Carrying Case

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