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The Heavy Duty Tall tripod by Ronford-Baker (also known as “Standard Legs”) is a staple of the industry. Sturdy, reliable, and easy to use, it is a piece of equipment found on most professional sets. It can be paired with any fluid head, jib arm or other specialty head with a Mitchell mount.

The tubing is made of hefty aluminum and the mount is a stainless steel cast. The locking levers are anodized and covered by a stove-enameled black texture. All steel parts are hardened where necessary and chrome-plated. This heavy-duty construction has allowed Ronford-Baker to become one of the leading tripod manufacturers for the entertainment industry.

Included is an infinitely adjustable spreader with a strong elastic clip-down device, which is secured in seconds. It is made from high-tensile anodized aluminum and includes large-diameter locking hand-wheels to adjust the length of spread.

O’Connor brand Mitchell Standard Legs available on request.

Technical Specs

  • Maximum height: 68” (173cm)
  • Minimun height: 35” (89cm)
  • Weight: 22lb (10kgs)
  • Materials and finish castings are LM25 anodized, stove enameled black texture.
  • Tubes are 1” dia x 16swg HE30TF alloy, polished and anodized, with nylon wipers and nylon locking pads.
  • Stainless steel spikes to feet.
  • Height with legs spread at 1’6” (45.7cm): closed 3ft’ (91.4cm), fully extended 5’6” (167.6cm)

Floor spreader:

  • Dimensions (center to foot) minimum 1’5” (43cm), maximum 2’1” (64cm).
  • Weight 4lb 7oz (2kg).

Our Kit

Ronford-Baker Mitchell Standard Legs

Sliding Spreader

Nalpak Tripod Carrying Case

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