RCU-1 ($125)

The RCU-1 is a practical remote control and program unit for the Arriflex film cameras: from the ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 through the 535, 535B, most models of 435 and the 235. Its range of functions is automatically adapted to the attached camera: at both operating speed value limits and on an electronically adjustable mirror shutter. The RCU-1 can be used whenever uncomplicated, sturdy, and yet still comprehensive remote control is important.

ICU-1 ($125) 

A speed ramp is a change of the camera’s frame rate (fps), performed while the camera is running. Speed ramps can be used for a myriad of effects, from the dramatic speeding up or slowing down of the action to the subtle enhancing of a scene’s timing. A speed ramp essentially allows the cameraman to compress or stretch time transparently and dynamically. The ICU constantly monitors the frame rate of the camera. If a frame rate change occurs, the ICU will calculate a new value for the iris to compensate for the exposure change, and instruct the lens motor to change the iris ring accordingly. Iris changes are calculated and set in such short time intervals that all changes are smooth – even if the camera’s frame rate is changing very slowly.

Technical Specs


Measurements (l x w x h)

  • 178 x 70 x 62 mm


  • 0.54 kg (without cable)

Power supply

  • 24 V= (18 ... 32 V)

Power consumption

  • approx. 45 mA -

Data interface

  • RS-232

Pin assignment

  • Pin 1 TXD-RCU
  • Pin 2 RXD-RCU
  • Pin 3 + 24 V Standby
  • Pin 4 Shield
  • Pin 7 Ground (0 V)
  • remaining pins free

Handwheel rotation angle

  • mechanically 150°
  • electrically 145°


  • filming speed> 100 fps 0,01 fps
  • filming speed < 100 fps 0,001 fps

shutter angle

  • 0,1°

Connecting cable

  • 1.5 m Type: KC-39
  • 20 m Type: KC-41



Temperature range:

  • -5 to +122° Fahrenheit (-20 to + 50° Celsius)

Power Supply:

  • 12/24 Volts dc

Valid iris range:

  • Will not exceed mechanical end stops of lens after calibration

Resolution (smallest change):

  • 0.25° (of a typical prime lens iris ring)

Precision of iris setting:

  • Equals precision of the LCS lens motor

Camera frame rate:

  • 3 to 200 fps (depending on camera model)


  • 0.8 lb. (0.4 Kg)

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