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Quasar Science’s Q-LED Crossfade lamps are tunable between 2000° through 6000°. These lamps offer a low profile while maintaining very power efficient light output, providing the ability to do everything from 3 point lighting to background accents and general area lighting.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Length: 2’
Power draw: 25 watt / 0.3 Amps at 120v
Power Connect Options: Grounded G13 Single End
95 CRI +
Flicker Free
25,000+ Hour Lifetime


Self Ballasted
Onboard Crossfade Wheel
Dimmer Compatible
Low Profile
Energy Efficient - 90+ lumens per watt
Single End Power Input - clean wiring

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Quasar Science 2' X Crossfade Linear LED
  • Quasar Science Grounded Single Power Adapter

    Also Available In

    • Quasar Science 2' x 4 Bank Kit
    • Quasar Science 2' x 2 Kit
    • Quasar Science 2' x 1 Kit
    • Quasar Science 6 Bank Power Cluster
    • Quasar Science 4 Bank Power Cluster
    • Quasar Science 2 Bank Power Cluster

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