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The Preston system of wireless monitoring can be set up over only one channel, using a single DM-2 digital motor to control either the iris or the focus of a cine style lens. As with the Preston F+I+Z,  a three position switch adjusts the motor torque level, and a second switch determines the direction of motor rotation. A simple calibration procedure sets up the iris or the focus to be ready for wireless control of the lens. With bushings, the motor can be adjusted on either 19mm or 15mm rods.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Preston Single Channel Hand Unit 
  • MDR driver with rod bracket
  • DM-1 or 2 digital motor with rod bracket
  • 0.8 pitch prime gear for cine lenses
  • Motor Cable
  • Camera on/off cable if available
  • (3x) Sony NP Li-ion battery
  • Sony Charger
  • Marking Disk

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