The Preston MicroForce zoom control is an almost indispensable tool to have when using long zooms. It is available in two versions; the V+F3 control for analog motors and the Digital Micro Force2 for digital motors. Both models provide the smooth flawless zooms that have made them the favorite of camera assistants worldwide. Our Microforces can be powered by either a 12v or 24v source, making it usable with Anton Bauer plate for fitting on cameras that do not provide power for accessories.

Please let us know your configuration before picking up your Microfroce zoom control, so that we can provide you with the adequate cabling and accessories.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

  • Microforce 12 or 24v
  • Oppenheimer custom-made Panhandle or rosette bracket
  • (2x) Power cable to Arri,  Anton Bauer or 11p Fisher
  • Zoom motor
  • 15mm or 19 mm swing arm to fit on rods

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