The popular Preston wireless three-motors F+I+Z system is a staple of many productions as it offers wireless control over the iris, focus and zoom on cine style lenses. By placing the motors on the 15 or 19mm rods, the MDR-2 will send radio signal to the remote hand unit allowing the Camera Assistant to pull focus, control the iris and the zoom from afar, making the use of cranes or jib a breeze.  With the addition of the interface cable, the camera assistant gets a direct read-out of the Cinetape on the F+I+Z LCD display, and with the on/off cable, can control the camera run/stop functions.


Technical Specs

The F+I+Z remote system can be powered by a wide array of cameras, and take 12 as well as 24v. The most common power cables used for the Arri "RS" port,  Anton Bauer D-tap for the RED cameras or Panavision hermaphrodite cable are readily available. If you are planning on using a F+I+Z remote system on a less standard configuration, please let us know in advance so we can acquire the proper power cables for you.

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