The O’Connor 25/75 Fluid Head series is the flagship of the O’Connor range of fluid heads. It features a step-less, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag specifically designed to allow superior control, precision, and stability. The O’Connor 25/75 has a Mitchell mount that interfaces directly with a Mitchell-based tripod, Jib arm, or dolly. It features O’Connor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for accurate balance at any point in the tilt range.

The latest addition to the series, model “D,” retains a large number of features and functions from its popular predecessor, model “C”, but includes many new features:

  • The new platform has all the controls on the camera operator’s side of the head. (i.e. left side).
  • The platform release lever has a one touch finger actuated safety release catch. This allows for one “finger” or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever.
  • Dual platform scales.
  • The platform now has 4 handle rosettes.
  • The left side has a “soft” hand rest.
  • The head is now black.
  • The head uses metric fasteners. This includes the set screws that are used for field adjustments.
  • All current 25/75C accessories are interchangeable with the 25/75D.

Technical Specs

  • Maximum load capacity:
    • 4" tilt: 133 lbs. (60.5 kg)
    • 6" tilt: 105 lbs. (47.7kg)
    • 8" tilt: 87 lb. (39.5 kg)
  • Tilt +90° / -90°
  • Height: 8.4 in. (21.3 cm)
  • Width: 12.4 in. (31.5 cm)
  • Depth: 8.6 in. (21.8 cm)
  • Weight: 22.9 lb. (10.4 kg)

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

O'Connor 25/75 Fluid Head, model B, C or D
O'Connor 2-piece panhandle
O'Connor Tie-Down
Euro Plate
Camera quick release plate with (2) 3/8"16 screws

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