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New Camera – Red Weapon Monstro VV

August 27th, 2018 • by CJ • in Blog, New Equipment

Red’s newest sensor packs impressive specs with serious performance to match. The WEAPON 8K Vista Vision, offers Full Frame lens coverage, captures 8K full format motion at up to 60 fps, produces ultra-detailed 35.4 megapixel stills, and delivers incredibly fast data speeds of up to 300 MB/s. Like all of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, WEAPON shoots simultaneous REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR recording.

UHD has slowly become the standard of today, but it’s important to look beyond. Simply having enough pixels to meet the standards of broadcast and streaming providers isn’t always enough. An 8k image can be sampled down for a smoother final picture, or cropped to frame up what a visionary, or technician wants. In post production 3D artists and digital effects compositors can benefit from cropping around the center frame to pull an image with minimal lens distortion. As viewing systems inevitably advance those who filmed in higher resolutions won’t suffer quality loss from the compression and color sampling that comes with new formats. More coverage and a larger resolution means more artistic and technical freedom.

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