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We carry a wide selection of filters that we constantly update,  please contact us to confirm availability and inquire about the latest addition to our inventory. We carry a variety of sizes such as 4×4, 4×5.6, 6.66×6.66, screw-on filters in 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, as well as round filters in Series 9, 4 1/2 and 138mm. 

Neutral Density filters are used to cut down the amount of light coming through the lens, giving more latitude to the iris. With the latest development in sensor technology, most digital cameras require IR (Infra Red) filtration in addition to regular Neutral Density filtration to cut down the infra red channels that the human vision doesn’t perceive , but that the sensors do. We recommend, based on manufacturer’s suggestion and our own tests, to use the IR ND combo filters with the Arri Alexa camera family, the 750 Tru Cut with Sony cameras, and Hot Mirror with the Red cameras. IR filtration is required for these cameras whenever a ND filter over .9 is used, otherwise the infra red channels will pollute the blacks, turning them into browning reds and browns, specially on soft fabric such as cotton or velvet. We also carry the popular non- dichroic Schneider Platinum IR ND sets. These filters are fast becoming favorites as they do not cause neither color deviation nor reflected light nor vignetting on the image periphery.

Polarizer filters are extremely popular filters used for the purpose of reducing reflections, such as when shooting through a glass window, as well as darkening the skies when rotated in the correct position.  A few different Polarizer filters exist and have different benefits, mainly the amount of light they cut and the quality of the glass they are made out of.

Technical Specs

The list below is intended as an overview of our selection, please be aware that all filters may not be available in every size and pricing is subject to change.

Straight NDs: ND .3, ND .6, ND .9, ND 1.2, ND 1.5, ND 1.8, ND 2.1

Straight IR Filtration: Hot Mirror, Tru Cut 750, T1 IR

Combo Filters: IRND .6, IRND .9, IRND 1.2, IRND 1.5, IRND 1.8, IRND 2.1, Hot Mirror IRND .3, Hot Mirror IRND .6, Hot Mirror IRND .9, Hot Mirror IRND 1.2, Hot Mirror IRND 1.5, Hot Mirror IRND 1.8, Hot Mirror IRND 2.1

Polas:  Schneider Tru Pola (1 3/5 stop loss), Schneider 1-Stop Pola (1 stop loss), Tiffen Ultra Pola (1 2/3 stop loss), Tiffen Circular Pola (1 2/3 stop loss), Custom Pola in Frame in 4x5.6 and 6x6

Our Kit

We carry a variety of sizes such as 4x4, 4x5.6, 6.66x6.66, screw-on filters in 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, as well as round filters in Series 9, 4 1/2 and 138mm.

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