The Nebtek Microlite HD System is a wireless transmitting system producing a perfect image and optimal reception even when long distances are required. The very small, compact and lightweight transmitter fits easily on any camera, mounted with a Cine Arm or through a hot shoe adapter. It can be powered by the popular 12v Anton Bauer P-tap output, a 4 pin XLR or even the widely used 3 pin Fisher 24v Arri connector making it easy to use on most camera configurations.

The Microlite receiver can be securely mounted to a stand, a monitor yoke or any demanding situation with its included adjustable Manfrotto Magic Arm mount and super clamp. The 12 dbi gain antenna can transmit and receive up to  1/2 mile range- 2,640 feet! Making the Nebtek MicroLite HD the perfect wireless system for long-range shots, from vehicle to crane or jib work.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

  • Nebtek Microlite HD Transmitter
  • Nebtek Microlite HD Receiver
  • 12 dBi Hi Gain Antenna TX
  • 12 dBi Hi Gain Antenna RX (2x)
  • Rubber duck antenna 90 Degrees TX
  • Set of TX Power Cables to P-Tap, 4 pin XLR, 3 pin Fischer
  • Set of RX Power Cables to P-Tap, 4 pin XLR 
  • Anton Bauer P-Tap to 4 Pin XLR Power Cable
  • Noga Arm for TX
  • Manfrotto Magic Arm for RX
  • Manfrotto Avenger Clamp
  • Nebtek Microlite HD 4 pin XLR Power Supply
  • BNC 3' cable 

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