The MYT Works Glide Slider is a multi-purpose, lightweight dolly slider. It features a Mitchell mount that can be adapted to support a 100mm or 150mm ball head upon request.  It also has two spacers to easily adjust the height of the camera. The many industry-standard threaded holes scattered throughout the plates, handle bracket, and carriage allow for a multitude of mounting options for camera accessories. The light weight of the dolly coupled with its heavy load capacity offers great flexibility and ease of use for various shooting needs, making the Glide the perfect slider for many shooting situations.

All components are CNC machined high-grade aluminum and stainless steel. All parts are rust and corrosion resistant. The wooden end caps are dipped in natural oil and branded with the MYT Works logo.

Technical Specs

  • Width: 10.5"
  • Length: 3'3"
  • Height: 4"
  • Traveling length: 3'
  • Weight: 16 lb.
  • Maximum load: 200 lb

Our Kit

  • MYT Works 3' Glide Slider
  • MYT Works Slider Hi Hat w/ 4x pegs
  • MYT Mitchell Base w/3 screws
  • MYT Riser w/ 4x pegs
  • 5mm & 10mm Allen Wrenches
  • MYT Wooden Handle
  • Porta Brace Tool Pouch
  • MYT Travel Hard Case

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