60 second setup and beautiful soft output from this medium sized single light kit. Perfect for quick 1 light interviews or tabletop sets. 1 500w Rifa eX 55, plus KS Jr. Stand & lamp. With added accessory 3 lamp eXchange head, 80w ‘On Color’ High CRI daylight fluorescent lamps & Lamptubes, and lower wattage TH-300 tungsten-halogen eXchange head & lamp, in a TO-84Z Case, or soft case option.

Technical Specs

  • Quick Set-up
  • Daylight or Tungesten

Our Kit

Our kit includes:

  • Rifa-Lite LC-55 Fixture
  • TH-X300 Lamphead
  • Rifa-Lite TH-X1000 Lamphead
  • Rifa-Lite FLO-X3 Lamphead
  • Rifa-Lite 80w, 120v Daylight Fluo Lamp (3x)
  • Rifa-Lite 30° Eggcrate
  • Rifa-Lite 50° Eggcrate
  • Rifa-Lite Full Diffusion
  • Rifa-Lite KS Stand
  • FVL 200w Bulb (2x)
  • 500w Spare Bulb

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