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The new LiteMat+ Plus 8 rounds out the full line of Bi-Color LiteMats available from LiteGear. This simple and unique fixture offers a color temperature range from 2600-6200K, allowing for a powerful and lightweight lighting option while maintaining a 95+ CRI.

Technical Specs

Color Temperature: 2600°K - 6000°K
Size: 40" w x 40" h x .09" d
Weight: 10.4 lbs / 4.72kg
Voltage: 24VDC
Current: 16.67 Amps
Watts: 400
LED Quantity: 4608

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • LiteGear LiteMat+ 8 Hybrid LED Fixture
  • LiteGear LiteMat Poly Skirt
  • LiteGear LiteMat 8 Full Diffusion
  • LiteGear LiteMat 8 Half Diffusion
  • LiteGear LiteMat 8 Quarter Diffusion
  • LiteGear LiteMat LiteMount XL (RAM)
  • LiteGear PL7 Extension Cable 12'
  • LiteGear LiteDimmer Trigger Controller
  • LiteGear LiteDimmer+ AC400 DMX Dimmer
  • LiteGear IEC Power Cable
  • LiteGear Litemat+ 8 Carrying Bag

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