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The LiteMat™ 2L is a unique and lightweight LED lighting fixture system designed for cinema, television, and HD video. Born out of the need for a Color-Correct™ light source that is both lightweight yet durable, high quality yet economical, and simple yet cleverly fashioned, the system takes an unusual approach to lighting. By providing evenly spaced, Color-Correct™ LEDs spread out over a large area, LiteMat™ creates soft light without requiring diffusion. This “soft-through pixelization” method allows the unit to achieve surprisingly bright light levels while remaining under 1 in. (25 mm) thick in size and just 3.5 lb (1.5 kg) in weight. The LiteMat™ 2L can be used any time that soft and controllable light is required. As a key light, you can easily mount the unit on a “Baby” stand or attach it to an elevator wall with adhesive-backed Velcro®. Because it’s lightweight, LiteMat™ makes a great handheld fill light or one that can easily be mounted overhead.

Handheld Films carries three models of the LiteMat 4 available for rental: LiteMat 2L Series 1, LiteMat 2L Series 2, and the LiteMat 2L+ (available with either DC Gold Mount option, or AC400 w/ DMX). Each kit includes a basic accessory package specific to the model, and technical data varies slightly between models as well. Rental price varies between models; please specify the preferred model within your equipment request.

Technical Specs

Color Temperature: 3200°K - 6000°K
Size: 11.5" w x 40" h x 1" d
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Voltage: 12VDC
Current: 7.7 Amps
Watts: 92
LED Quantity: 576

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Hybrid Fixture
  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Power Supply
  • IEC Power Cable
  • LiteGear Lite Dimmer Hybrid
  • LiteGear 2-Male Input Cable 15A Max
  • LiteGear Female Cable Adapter
  • LiteGear 2 Conductor Male Cable Adapter
  • LiteGear 3 Conductor Female Plug
  • LiteGear LiteMat Extension Cable - 10'
  • LiteGear LiteMat Mount Plate
  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Poly Skirt
  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Silver Louver
  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Full Diffusion
  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Half Diffusion
  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Quarter Diffusion
  • LiteGear P-Tap Adapter Cable
  • Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate
  • LiteGear LiteMat 2L Carrying Bag
  • LiteGear LiteMat Cable Pouch

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