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First manufactured in the mid-20th Century by French company Kinoptik, these Apochromat lenses have a rare talent for correcting chromatic and spherical aberrations. Rehoused in P+S Technik’s signature style, you get a unique vintage look in a modern package.

Please note that our lenses are not rented as a set, but as separate items.

Technical Specs

Format Coverage: 16, S16, 35, S35
Front Diameter: 100mm

  • 25mm: T2.4
  • 28mm: T2.8
  • 32mm: T3.1
  • 35mm: T2.5
  • 40mm: T2.4
  • 50mm: T2.5
  • 75mm: T2.4
  • 100mm: T2.4

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