The Kessler CineSlider™ is a robust, yet portable camera slider for rigs weighing up to 80 lbs. The CineSlider is a very portable solution to get quick and smooth dolly movements without having to transport a large dolly system. Best known for its drag control (much like drag on a fluid pan/tilt head), adjustable arc diameter crank handle and guarded side rails for the most versatility, this flagship product will handle anything you put on it.

Mounting options available:

  • Flat top mount for Manfrotto heads
  • 100mm Ball adapter

Technical Specs

Length: 60.5 inches (153.7 cm)
Travel: 51 inches (129.5 cm)
Height: 4.62 inches (11.7 cm)
Width: 5.7 inches (14.47 cm)
Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)
Weight Capacity (fully supported): 80 lbs. (36.3 kg)
Rail Mounting Hole Sizes: 1/4”-20, 3/8”-16
Cart Mounting Hole Sizes: 1/4”-20, 3/8”-16, #8-32
Handle Arc Adjustment: 3 - 6 inches (7.6 - 15.2 cm)

Our Kit

  • Kessler Crane CineSlider 5'
  • Outrigger Feet with Bag
  • Flat Mount Adapter (provides 3/8"-16 threaded mounting stud) or 100mm ball adapter
  • Custom Padded Soft Case

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