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The Blackjack 400 employs a unique design which reduces the profile of the 6″ fresnel fixture by 33%.

The drop in fresnel lenses are removable, allowing quick access to the popular “Open Eye” (no lens) sharp-shadow projection mode. A rack and pinion system with side knob adjustment facilitates focusing.

Technical Specs

Light Balance
For the location videographer or photographer who needs to augment available daylight. The Blackjack sets up quickly instead of fumbling for conversion filters for tungsten sources.
Use the included drop in lenses and barndoor set to alter the quality and shape of the light emitted from the fixture. Two fresnel lenses are included: a Soft (74 x 25° beam pattern) and a Spot (44 x 6° beam pattern).
Precise Alignment
Precise bulb and reflector positioning ensures a clean light and shadow quality. Double shadowing has been eliminated in either mode.
Wide Barndoor System
The barndoor system features a unique design to accommodate the Blackjack's wide beam. Since the beam angle is 74° with the wide Fresnel lens and 105° in "Open Eye" mode, the individual doors need to function more like flags that can reach far in front of the lens or behind it.

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Blackjack 400 Head
  • Blackjack 400 AC Ballast
  • Blackjack 400 25' Head Cable
  • Blackjack 400 Drop In Fresnel Lens Kit: Soft & Spot
  • Blackjack 400 Scrim Set: 1 x Single, 2 x Double
  • 2 x MSR 400 Single Ended HMI Bulb
  • Blackjack 400 Carrying Case

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