Please note that our lenses are not rented as a set, but as separate items.

Manufactured in Germany by Vantage Film these gorgeous lenses are guaranteed to redefine what it means to “shoot anamorphic” as they provide superior optics combined with an incredible lightweight feel. Every lens in the set has seen a weight reduction of 20% from their V-series brethren.

Now, previously strenuous anamorphic applications such as Steadicam and Jib work are destined to be made as easy as they are with spherical primes. With their new design the Hawk V-Lites maintain a constant exposure and suffer no light-loss from close focus to infinity. Retuned focus gearing create a relative ease when pulling focus. The V-Lite set is optically matched to all other Hawk Anamorphic so there is no worry about differing image quality when bouncing between sets. Check out our superb Vantage Hawk Anamorphic  zoom 45-90mm to complete your set.

We are proud to offer a full set of V-Lite lenses, with the following focal lengths: 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm, 80mm, 110mm and 140mm. All focal lengths open to a T2.2 (Except for the 110mm which opens to a T3 and the 140mm which opens to a T3.5.)