The Mantis is a handheld rig compatible with Arri, Red, and Element Technica bridge plates. Its dovetail interface allows for a quick setup change between tripod and handheld rig. It features a multi-axis adjustment shoulder pad which provides comfort and flexibility. Element Technica’s handheld rig uses standard bicycle-style grips on rosette-mounted handles. These include a home for the ViewFactor Origo remote start/stop button and are connected to the rosette crossbar with telescopic handle extensions that come in two size ranges: large (8” to 14” in length) and small (4” to 7.5” in length).

Main features:

  • Two axis (rotational) adjustment shoulder pad
  • Utilizes conventional bicycle grips
  • Telescopic and rotating handle extensions
  • Handles and extensions use Arriflex compatible rosettes
  • Mounting point for ViewFactor Origo remote start/stop button

Technical Specs

Our Kit

  • Right grip
  • Left grip
  • Dovetail interface
  • Adjustable shoulder pad
  • Optional: Handgrip extension

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