Exceedingly versatile and modular, the Cvolution by Cmotion can cater to almost endless shooting situations.  The compact and lightweight camin 3M can drive up to 3 regular motors and / or up to 3 cforce motors. The hand unit can be used in right or left handed configurations and comes with a slider, zoom controller and ‘Advanced’ focus knob which offers mechanical limits, mechanical stop lock, internal torque adjustment and backlit LED marker ring illumination. The internal display provides quick and easy control of system settings without needing access to the camin motor box.
Our 3-channel fiz configuration takes full advantage of Cvolution’s modularity and extensive compatibility. With our stock of Cmotion accessories and cables, we can accommodate a bevy of mounting preferences, unique shooting solutions, and varying camera systems.

Single channel configuration also available.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

  • Cvolution Main Unit w/ Strap &  2 antenna
  • Cvolution Focus Knob
  • Cvolution Iris Slider
  • Cvolution Zoom Unit
  • Cvolution Camin 3M MDR w/ 2 antenna
  • 3 x Cmotion Controlled Lens Motor w/ Mounting Bracket
  • Cfast V-lock Rosette
  • Cmotion Cfastener
  • 2 x Cmotion Power Cable:
  • Cmotion Start/Stop Cable:
  • 3 x Cmotion Motor Cable
  • 5 x Cmotion Marking Disc
  • 3 x Cmotion Lithium Ion Battery (for Cvolution Main Unit)
  • Canon CA-920 Battery Charger

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