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Designed to fulfill the demands of 35mm feature and commercial work, the Series 2000 Mark II T4 Periscope represents a remarkable advancement in the optical fidelity and usefulness of periscopic relay systems. While ideal for shooting miniatures and tabletop setups, the Periscope is equally at home on location — where lighting conditions are less easily controlled.

Compatible with an extensive range of lenses, the Periscope contains its own iris reading directly in T-stops. The camera operator need only set the lens’ aperture to T2.8 and the Periscope’s iris to the appropriate T-stop. The iris provides the control necessary to minimize vignetting. Integral iris and focus gears are provided. And the Periscope’s internal focusing system works with standard follow focus units.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

  • Century Periscope Relay Body T3.3
  • Century Periscope Low Angle Prisme

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