The Cartoni Smart Head is an underslung head, best suited to work with a jib arm. It can also be mounted on a tripod, allowing more flexibility to the operator. Its 100mm bowl can be adapted to other mounts such as 150mm or Mitchell base tripods. It is perfect for prosumer lightweight cameras such as the Canon C300 or the Sony F3 and features a nodal head that allows for smooth camera movement.

Please be sure to specify with the rental department which mount you require.

Technical Specs

  • True Fluid Modules
  • Precision Cranks / 3 Drag Settings
  • Quick-release Sliding Camera Plate
  • Positive Locks & 2 Level Bubbles
  • Camera capacity: 5kg/11 lb.
  • Weight: 6kg/13 lb.
  • Pan range: 360º
  • Tilt range: 360º
  • Fluid drag: 3 + 0
  • Bowl diameter: 100mm
  • Temperature range: -40º/+60ºC - 40º/+158ºF

Our Kit

  • Cartoni Smart Head
  • Tilt Module
  • Pan Module
  • Camera Platform Lock
  • Pan Bar
  • Lead Screw Knob
  • Counter Weights x 2
  • Lock Knobs x 2

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