The Cartoni C40S Dutch Head is designed to make exceptionally smooth side-tilt effects simple and straightforward to execute. It adds a 3rd axis to a standard Fluid Head and allows the lateral movement called “Dutch angle,” enhancing special effects as well as balancing without having to readjust the legs.

The Dutch Head integrates the award-winning Cartoni fluid module in progression from 0 to 7 intensity. The counterbalance system features a 7-step spring mechanism.

The Cartoni Dutch Head interfaces directly with the quick-release plate on any camera support head featuring the European-style quick-release plate or that can be attached by two 3/8 “-16 screws. A telescopic orientable pan bar completes the kit.

Technical Specs

  •  Camera capacity: 45 kg/99 lb.
  • Weight: 8kg/17lb.
  • Tilt range: +/- 65º
  • Counter balance: 7 steps + 0
  • Fluid drag: 7 setting
  • Bowl diameter: 120x80x7mm (interfaces directly with camera quick release plate)
  • Temperature range: -40º/+60ºC - -40º/+158º F

Our Kit

  • Cartoni C40S Dutch Head
  • Telescopic Pan Bar
  • Large camera plate
  • Camera quick-release plate with (2) 3/8"-16 screws

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