ARRISUN HMI PARs are the workhorses of location lighting whenever punch or bounce light is required on set. The precise interaction of lamp, reflector and converter (spread) lens was designed with computer simulation for ultimate performance. A wide range of converter (spread) lenses ensures maximum beam control in all situations.

When fitted with a 6000 watt HMI bulb, and no lens, the Arrisun 60 will turn night into day with a beam of 3820 footcandles 8 feet in diameter, from a distance of 66 feet. A set of 5 converter lenses and 4 leaf barndoor set are included ensure maximum beam control in all situations.

The included electronic ballast is quiet, relatively lightweight, and flicker-free. The 50′ head to ballast cable allows control of the ballast far away from the fixture.


Technical Specs

Lamphead Type: PAR, 6000 W
Reflector Type: High purity aluminum parabolic
Lamp Type: Metal Halide 6000 W/SE
Power Consumption: 6000 W
Voltage Range: 125 V
Lamp Base: GX38
Dimmability: Yes, 50 - 100% via ARRI Ballast Unit
Cable Options: VEAM
Correlated Color Temperature: 6000 K
Beam Angle: 8 - 40°
Weight of the Head: 27.0 kg / 59.5 lbs.
Size of the Head (HxWxL): 872 x 562 x 680 mm / 34.3" x 22.1" x 26.8"
Lens Diameter: 420 mm / 16.54"
Accessory Diameter: 495 mm / 19.49" (Scrim)
Barndoor Size: 510 mm / 20.08"
Mounting: Spigot 28 mm / 1 1/8" (1.1")
Protection Class: I/IP 23
Certifications: CE, CB, GS, cNRTL

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • ArriSun 60 6K HMI Par Head
  • ArriSun 60 Flicker Free Electronic Ballast
  • ArriSun 60 50' Head Cable
  • ArriSun 60 Barndoors
  • ArriSun 60 Scrim Set: 2 x Double, 1x Single
  • ArriSun 60 Drop In Lens Kit: Spot, Narrow Flood, Flood, Super Flood & Super Flood Frosted w/ Case
  • 2 x 6000 Single Ended HMI Bulb

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