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The In-camera Filter Module IFM-1 allows ALEXA XT cameras to be rated at the base sensitivity of EI 800 without the need for external Neutral Density (ND) filters, even in bright sunlight. Filtering behind the lens rather than in front saves time and reduces weight, reflections and complexity. In addition it decreases narcissism, which is an unwanted reflection between the last lens element and the sensor and protects the sensor from dirt contamination during lens changes.
We carry the IFM-1 with a full compliment of internal ND’s (0.3-2.4) as well as an internal clear filter.

Note: Not compatible with Alexa Studio.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

  • Arri Alexa Internal Filter Module (IFM-1)
  • 8 x Internal ND Filter (0.3-2.4)
  • Internal Optical Clear

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