ARRI and cmotion expand ALEXA wireless options!

ARRI is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with cmotion, a major manufacturer of high-end lens control systems for cinematographic applications. As a result of the partnership, the current cmotion hand controllers will become compatible with the ARRI ALEXA Plus camera. Customers will have the choice of using either ARRI hand controllers such as the Wireless Compact Unit (WCU-3) or cmotion’s modular cvolution system.

In 2003 cmotion exploded into the industry with the launch of its revolutionary wireless lens and camera control systems. With its bold yet ergonomic design, cmotion became well established and received its first public recognition in the form of The Cinec Award just one year later. In 2007, the continued success of the cmotion system gained worldwide reputation when awarded the Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Pictures for Art and Science. This was closely followed by a second Cinec Award in 2008 for the innovative cdisplay II. Today, with over 250 systems in operation worldwide, cmotion is one of the industries most reputable producers of wireless lens and camera control.

cmotion has been targeted for partnership by ARRI because it is a highly innovative company with particular expertise in remotely controlling 3D technology. ARRI and cmotion will work together to market and sell their combined product range globally.

The Alexa Mini’s PL mount features a built in MDR with only one motor port, but will still run three motors for three channels of control (typically Focus, Iris, Zoom).

The MDR is controlled by the preexisting Arri WCU-4 (Wireless Compact Unit) handset which features a touchscreen control, vibrating stop markers, 3-channel control, a backlit focus knob, lens data display on the screen, pre-marked focus rings, focus tracking, and full control over the camera (frame rate settings, shutter angle, exposure index, etc)!

The new Cforce Mini motor is a collaboration between Arri and CMotion (again). This new L-Bus protocol motor is ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight, and was designed with one thing in mind: flight. It features a daisy chain port so that additional motors can be added to the existing motor without the need for additional ports or long motor cable runs.

Less ports, less weight, less spaghetti.

Technical Specs

Our Kit

Our rental package includes:

  • 1 x Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4
  • 3 x cmotion cforce Controlled Lens Motor (cforce mini motors also available)
  • 3 x cmotion LBUS Motor Cable
  • 1 x Follow Focus Marking Disc
  • 3 x Sony NP-FM500H InfoLithium M Series Battery
  • 1 x Charger for Sony Batteries

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