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The Arri Variable Prime VP2 T2.2 29-60mm is a remarkable lens, featuring an inside construction that prevents any travelling of the focus barrel. As Arri explains: “All Variable Primes allow inner focusing. Only one or two lens groups inside the lens are moved. So the overall lens length remains constant and matte boxes can be used without problem. The scale for shutter, focus and focal length, which have a large numbers and can be read horizontally on both sides, offer high user comfort.”

Technical Specs

  • Aperture: T2.2
  • Zoom ratio: 2.2x
  • Weight (approx.): 14.2 lbs (6.4 kg)
  • Length (approx.): 10.5 in (267 mm)
  • Close Focus: 2'9"
  • Image coverage: 35mm (30mm diagonal)
  • Front diameter: 150mm

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Arri Variable Prime VP2 T2.2
  • Motor Bracket
  • Motor Bracket Insert
  • Dovetail Plate
  • 19mm diameter Rods
  • 19mm Low Support

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